Safely Introducing Kittens (From Different Litters!)

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Feline friendship is so important–but when you’re rescuing kittens from different litters, you’ll want to be sure you’re introducing them safely. Watch this video to learn about how to safely introduce a kitten to a critter-from-another-litter!

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Safely Introducing Kittens (From Different Litters!)

10 thoughts on “Safely Introducing Kittens (From Different Litters!)

  1. "Making friends is such a fun part of being a kitten."
    Pretty sure being a kitten is the funnest part of being a kitten. 😀

  2. Is there a specific age in months where it will be difficult to introduce a new, younger kitten? Or is there an age gap that can make it too difficult?

  3. Do you have advice for introducing adult cats to other adults or to kittens? I plan on adopting another cat or two to live with my 11 year old, and I want them to get along

  4. I’m rasing my cat tabby who had baby’s a 2 weeks ago she had 5 kittens and I’m raining tabby’s kids dad

  5. Sadly for my kitten i cant get another one
    My dad dislikes cats but we have 3 cats 2 elders and my kitten felix
    He was born whit 1 other bro and a sis but we had to give them away
    Ive learned felix to usually be carefull of the street im on by scareing it (there are alot of stray dogs and cats) it was an option i had to take
    Recently im trying to learn felix his name soo he responds to it and the best way is to call his name ehile filling his food bowl ro come there
    Felix loves to bump his nose into yours he oftenly meows at me to give him snuggles
    I love that boy
    Ah btw if you read this comment thwn you can hit that like button if ya want

  6. Me who already has three cats: MOM WE NEED A FARM
    Mom:but then they leave you
    Me:when did I say we were gonna give them away

  7. Could you do a video on how to introduce a single cat to a new kitten. My cat is not having the kitten I just adopted😭

  8. what if i am keeping a kitten i found should i get a second kitten for them a lady my mom knows has a litter of kittens about the same age as mine and will give us one

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