Saving Drowning Kittens

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During a monsoon storm in Jomtien Thailand, two kittens find themselves in grave danger as their mother hid them in some dry abandoned water tanks that were now filling slowly with rain water. I happened to be outside recording the flood. Upon hearing their cries, my neighbour Brett came to me for help rescuing them.
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– I am very sad to say that the hero of this video, my good friend and neighbour Brett Neal has now died Aug 3, 2017 from an infection his body could no longer fight off. He was an excellent fine artist, with his work shown in galleries around the world and private collections. At the time he crawled into the tanks to save the kittens, our main concern was that an injury to his hands would have been devastating for him, so he had to be very careful. The easel, paintings, canvas, and dog sculptures you see in the water are from some of his work:

– We got them out of danger, set them down gently not tossed. Our concern was to find and save as many of the rest of the four kittens as we could. They were in the tanks already for a long time, as it had been raining for hours before Brett heard them.

– We had to do it carefully, and safely so as not to injure the kittens, or ourselves. The two rescued scampered away, and we searched around the other yards and places for the other missing two kittens. We didn’t find them anywhere and thought they had drown, but they all appeared the next day reunited with Momma.

– While filming with one hand, my other hand was removing debris, holding the umbrella, setting up the ladder, and also looking in the other tank for the other kittens. The first kitten was out within 70 seconds of first seeing it.

– We did not keep them. Domesticating cats here would make them an easy meal for the pythons and hungry street Soi dogs. Lots of families house cats go missing regularly. Their best chance for survival here, is to let them be wild, wary, and not have human contact. I am sometimes gone for weeks at a time, so can’t take in a pet.

– There are basically no animal shelters here to take these kittens to, and the kittens are very young, and were still happily nursing from their mother. It would be really sad to take them away from their Momma so early. These ones appeared healthy, and did not need to go to a vet unlike the millions of other stray dogs and cats running wild here. Some animals have diseases like Rabies, infections, parasites, and some are limping from being hit by vehicles. They all have to fend off predators, fight, and look for food. Sometimes, kind people leave food for them, but there are still so many in bad shape. There is a good man, Gerry Koto Rasmus that feeds and helps the strays and homeless here. His GoFundMe page is at :

– Holding a kitten by the scruff of the neck is the safest way to carry them, just like their mothers do. Instinctively, they become calm, don’t squirm, bite, claw or push away with their feet risking a fall. Although cute and cuddly, they are naturally agile, land on their feet, good climbers, and tougher than you think. You should not carry an adult cat like that though, as they are too heavy.

– This is the Monsoon season for about 4 months of the year. It floods like this, and sometimes a lot more, about 10 times in a year. It is HOT, about 30-35C (85-95F). The kittens were not cold, just very wet, been through a bad ordeal, and just wanted to get out of the tanks and away from us.

– In floods everywhere in the world, it is dangerous to walk around in the floodwater. Here, there are live wires, thousands of cats and dogs doing their business, and as most of the sewage systems overflow, the risk of infection is very high. Stepping into a hole or something sharp is a big danger. Everything stinks and you have to shower well, and wash your clothes and footwear well with bleach every time if you wade into it. Another foreigner here died recently from an infection in only 4 days after a small cut on his foot.

– After the flood, all four kittens were doing fine nursing with Momma, and were playing hide and seek with each other hanging around the yard. We left out food for them to find, and they have safe dry places to sleep, take their cat naps, and are safe from predators as they grew daily.

– They have grown up quickly, and were able to hunt and find food themselves. Momma stopped nursing them after a few weeks as they got bigger, and then chased them away every time they came near. The pretty one with the blue eyes was taken in by someone as a pet, and the other 3 grew up and moved on and out of the neighborhood. We removed the drain plugs so the tanks don’t hold water, as the landlord won’t remove them from the property.

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Saving Drowning Kittens

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  1. Thank you and God bless you for helping the kittens. I love cats so much, they are amazing creatures. Wish I could have taken them all to USA. I have two of my own. Just took care of a dying cat whose mom was in the hospital. I ended up having to bury him in my yard. I will try to help Mr. Rasmus with his mission.

  2. Please accept my deepest condolences at the passing of your dear friend Brett Neal and please send my deepest condolences to Brett Neal's family πŸ™

  3. Thank you for helping those kittens. They would not have made it if it weren't for you two! Sorry to hear about your friend and neighbour. He, I'm sure, is somewhere reserved for heroes when they leave this earth.

  4. ok, so the upset, is these kittens could have been taken out by the rescuer (who we are very sorry has passed away) but why get the shelters with the cameras which takes time, when they could have been rescued and then called, without all the drama… Thank goodness however many have survived.

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