Saving the Tiniest Newborn Kitten

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Hank was just 4 days old when left at a pet store in a tissue box.


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Filmed by Hannah Shaw
Produced by Adam Myatt

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Saving the Tiniest Newborn Kitten

10 thoughts on “Saving the Tiniest Newborn Kitten

  1. Btw, folded ears and closed eyes are that way at that age to help the kitten retain heat. That's how critical their need for external heat sources is at this age. One way to help with heat and socialization is hot hands hand warmers. Stick them in the palms of fingerless gloves and the kittens will associate hands with life-giving warmth. Some work gloves are even sold with palm pockets for cold weather work and those have the added benefit of protecting against claws and teeth

  2. I help in an association to save stray kittens this summer when rescued 10 and I had taken in 5 placing them in new loving homes. I ended up keeping one and calling him Mango as he is suffering from some illnesses making him difficult to place. But every year people abandon kittens in boxes it's really horrible

  3. PS: for gentler pooping, before you see a vet, invade the baby has a tummy injury, I usually massage the top part of the baby's thighs, which will give you a very nice solid roll of poopy clearing his Howells. Bc doing that wiggle with a napkin, even if you are gentle doesn't clean them as well. Otherwise you are PHENOMENAL at baby cat care

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