slowly training the #kittens #cat #shorts

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The one in the back still won’t let me pet her, but at the very least they are taking food out of our hands now! And the other one is letting us pet her now, so progress is good!

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1 thought on “slowly training the #kittens #cat #shorts

  1. So nice that you do this!! So many cats and kittens are abandoned. Especially if they are going to have kittens which is very sad. We adopted a female kitty from the local shelter who was part Maine Coon and have had her for 7 years now. It's just wonderful. She was a little rough around the edges at first. They were born on someone's porch and he called the animal officer to pick them up before they were attacked dogs or something else that was running around the neighborhood. They had been in the shelter since birth, and had not learned much about how to play without being too rough. She had the fastest (and sharpest) teeth in the west and could bite you and be gone before the blood began flowing. It took us awhile to get her to where she wouldn't bite. But she mellowed as she got older and now she is a sweetie and chatters and talks to us all the time.

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