Sneak Peek Inside My Kitten Nursery!

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I just moved to California, and I’m setting up a kitten nursery inside my home! In this video, I show you how it’s looking, and introduce you to the seven orphaned kittens we’ve taken in so far. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it’s coming along!

Video edited by Adam Myatt (@catmanofwestoakland)

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Sneak Peek Inside My Kitten Nursery!

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Inside My Kitten Nursery!

  1. Love the nursery! Thanks for all you do for such a vulnerable population of cats. I saw that you had a lot of Amazon boxes – do you take donations?

  2. Wow! As a renter in California, I'm impressed. You must be doing well to afford a nice place like that here in our expensive state. Good on you! And we have a huge cat population problem in our state, so welcome, indeed.

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