Snow Leopard KITTENS!

Kittens Video Information:

Cute baby snow leopard kittens, Gobi (male) and Batu (female) explore the outdoor exhibit at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo for the first time with their mother, Helen. They are now on view at the zoo, along with male Tom, and female Nadia.
Produced by Ryan Hawk
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Snow Leopard KITTENS!

10 thoughts on “Snow Leopard KITTENS!

  1. its so nice to seeing them alive .. and not as stuffed pets in some hunter house … thx for preotecting them πŸ™‚

  2. First of all, the music sucks, f*ck off with that confederate flag music. Second, such beautiful animals, always mesmerized by the beauty of it.

  3. Favorite animal. One time I went to the Woodland Park Zoo and saw the snow leopards playing, doing flips and acrobatics. Truly blessed.

  4. My favorite animal! Guys! Help spread awareness to snow leopards! They may be gone in the future πŸ˜–

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