Socializing feral kittens!

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This video follows three spicy feral kittens as we socialize them and get them ready to be adopted. To get involved in helping feral or friendly cats, take a trap, neuter, return (TNR) certification course at

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Info about TNR and feral cats:
Why Trap-Neuter-Return Feral Cats? The Case for TNR:

Returning feral cats after spay/neuter:

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Socializing feral kittens!

10 thoughts on “Socializing feral kittens!

  1. Would these kittens have to stay indoor cats (I know its better to do it anyway)? Like if they were allowed to be outdoor cats, so you think it could be problematic (like they would redevelop their bad mannerisms, or potentially not come home, etc)?

  2. decided to check out this page they linked in the description but there's this one line that really stuck out for me…

    "Grounded in science, TNR stops the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction."

    can't help but wonder… what if someone started doing that to us humans? could you honestly say it'd be improving our lives by removing our ability to reproduce? also makes it sound as if this practice is done as a form of pest control.

    the connotations of that sentence aren't so pleasant to think about.

  3. I've got 5 kittens in my bathroom right now,from a feral mom, their all going into adoption tomorrow

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