Special Kittens – Different Is Better

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Meet Big Cat Rescue first litter of Cerebellar Hypoplasia kittens we are fostering. Learn more about the disorder and how that effects their future.

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Special Kittens – Different Is Better

10 thoughts on “Special Kittens – Different Is Better

  1. How could people think any less of these kittens just because they stumble around a bit? They’re still adorable!

  2. Are they able to jump and access higher places? What could I do to keep one of these kittens from falling off something and getting injured?? That's what would worry the heck out of me. Would love to adopt CH babies!

  3. If my little old lady (current cat I've had since I was young) was nice to other cats I'd love to adopt one. Sadly shes a bit grumpy.

  4. The disease is caused by malnutrition (vegetarian diet) and exposure to toxic chemicals. Wild cats don't get cerebellar hypoplasia. These types of diseases only occur in captive animals. Feeding vegetables, grains and other plants to cats affects their dna and causes serious illnesses. I never feed commercial pet food to my cats.

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