Stray Kitten Won’t Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind | The Dodo Soulmates

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This adventurous stray cat found herself the perfect family.

You can keep up with Margaret and Millie’s adventures together on Instagram, curlyhaircamping: Special thanks to Margaret for sharing this amazing story with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here:

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9 thoughts on “Stray Kitten Won’t Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind | The Dodo Soulmates

  1. so the cat was just left out in the open or dumped?
    then yall realized cat is good for media then yall went back.
    dam..not including dodo since you made it clear your real channel

  2. That's one awesome cat. Those humans are beyond blessed to have such an amazing animal that love's them so effortlessly. Best wishes cat parents.

  3. When you said you were getting rid of her, I cringed…it was meant to be that she found you..enjoy!

  4. Really sad to hear that this cat is missing now. 🙁 Ladi & Margaret posted about it on their channel last week. I hope she finds her way home soon.

  5. Aww the fact that you almost left her behind. I wonder how she felt after choosing you.

    It goes to show. A lot would have said to leave her behind.

    But, it's a case by case basis.
    I'm so happy you went back for her.

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