Synchronized Kittens – Adorable Little Maine Coons!

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The Maine Coon kittens can’t keep their eyes of the cat wand.
It’s so mesmerizing that they just have to stand there and move in complete synch!

For more videos of the kittens, take a look at my other channel “Maine Coon Kittens”:

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Synchronized Kittens – Adorable Little Maine Coons!

10 thoughts on “Synchronized Kittens – Adorable Little Maine Coons!

  1. They are amazing NOW! They are going to become extremely handsome and beautiful cats.

    I hope I have the order right from left to right: Grimm, Idun, Thor and Freya. If the order is correct, It looks as if Freya is going to have a beautiful growl/mane – dark coat with white mane. If Thor is 3rd from the left, it looks like he’s going to be a big boy.

    All in all though, they’re all so cute, cuddly, handsome and beautiful. I like how Freya, and Idun have a tan streak on their forehead.

    I fear you might have a tough giving them up. I know I would.

  2. They are super cute. But I had kitties before, and I know, they are complete and utter assholes. Don't get me wrong, I Love em to bits, but, I still have nightmares about the periods of times when my cat made kitties. I was always so tired. Didn't get enough sleep.

    I still remember this one morning. 2 of them were under my bed, passing a small wrapper from one, to the next. Just passing it around, like a football. After a few minutes, went under the bed and took back the wrapper. Then, another one got stuck on a chair with his paw, started yelling. Then another 2 found a ball in the bathroom. By the time you take care of one or 2, the other 2 or 3 will find another thing to wreak havoc. And it never ends. It's like they work in shifts to ruin your life.

    They are the greatest to look at, on youtube, when they are someone else's problem.

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