9 thoughts on “The fights between the kittens escalated, but there was no need to worry😻#83

  1. 性格と ちょっとの体力差が出てくるかな

  2. 未だ力の加減がわからない

  3. 子猫のじやれあい、ららママいるから、大丈夫

  4. 全開にじゃれあってましたが、ララママの教育が良いのですね。あっという間に静かになりました。

  5. My cat had a litter of 6 kittens and when they were like 4 weeks old they had this intense fighting/playing match that lasted for like 10 whole minutes. Then they fell asleep mid fight and continued fighting when they woke up. Their mom had that 1000 yard stare while they ganged up on her biting her face, sitting on top of her head and her expression was like that 'help me' meme 😆.

    Most people i told this to used to say that they were just mindless kittens and that i should either give them away to a shelter or straight up abandon them near a forest or smtng🙄……people just dont understand that those 6 kittens had like 6 different unique personalities which is surprisingly so similar to us humans and losing them is akin to losing a family member you've known for years. These kittens remind me so much of my babies…..most found forever homes….only the eldest (strongest and upbeat) and the runt (weak and kind of melancholic) stay with me to this day

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