The First 12 Hours with Scrawny Kitten, Ruthie

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In this video, I document the first 12 hours of rescuing Ruthie, a young kitten in poor health — and show how a tiny kitten can make a BIG turnaround in just half a day! Learn how you can care for kittens too:

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The First 12 Hours with Scrawny Kitten, Ruthie

10 thoughts on “The First 12 Hours with Scrawny Kitten, Ruthie

  1. You can learn to care for kittens! Check out my book, TINY BUT MIGHTY:

  2. Sorry I didn't hear well.. A shampoo with… Something agent? I like to know so I can buy the right shampoo. 😊

    And by the way, I recently found you on YouTube and I loveeeee your video's. Learning a lot for becoming a foster mom. 😍Thank you for the amazing video's. ❤️

  3. Why aren’t you giving this kitten Pediatric Electrolytes in Clear?
    The eye’s need a animal eyes wash. And there’s eye gel that cleans this up.

  4. Is this a Siamese kitty? I have a kitty now that looks just like her except her fur is a tad bit darker

  5. Where can you get b12 fluid and how are you able to do treatments at home ?

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