The Kitten Snatcher! – Cat Man Chris

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Kittens, kittens, kittens… they’re everywhere!

These 3 cuties suddenly appeared at the apartment complex I’ve been trapping at a few months ago… I guess I didn’t get to Mum soon enough!

It’s always a tough call on what to do when you discover kittens, if they’re younger they’re much better off with their Mum, but then you’re running the risk of them being killed by other predators in the wild. Which is why there’s always such a huge demand for bottle feeders for younger kittens that have been taken from their Mums to ensure they survive.

Luckily these 3 were older and weaning from their Mums milk to solid food so I decided to grab them and get them to safety 🙂

Thanks again to SPCA in Lakeland Florida for helping me out, purrlease get involved and help foster if you can!

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The Kitten Snatcher! – Cat Man Chris

10 thoughts on “The Kitten Snatcher! – Cat Man Chris

  1. I foster and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. People think that if you foster you should be able to take in one more… just one more. It’s always one more. I’ve had kittens dumped on me and adult cats abandoned at the place I show. People try to guilt me for not taking in every single kitty but I don’t have the physical space, the money, or the physical strength to take on so much. I live in Miami where it’s almost always kitten season even in winter. It’s an uphill battle trying to educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter, why indoor is safer for your kitties whenever possible, and that TNR makes a positive difference in communities, to microchip and register pets, and why veterinary care is important for ling term health. We’re in constant need of bottle feeders and temporary or hospice fosterers. I’m sorry for this long rant, but all of this is to say that if people might have ideas about how to encourage people to volunteer, how to better find potential good adopters or just dissuade people from dumping animals I’d appreciate it. Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking into the void and not making any difference at all in my community.

  2. That 2nd kitten tried to take the plate with him (& the grey one was wise to you from the start)
    Coal, Marmalade &… Soot? Storm? Ash!

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