The kitten weighs over 200 grams

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#kitten #cat #Coco
・Name Coco
・Birthday 2020.10.24
・Cat breed Munchkin (Short legged)
・Sex Male

・Name   Mimi
・Birthday  2020.10.23
・Cat breed British Shorthair
・Sex    Female   
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The kitten weighs over 200 grams

10 thoughts on “The kitten weighs over 200 grams

  1. KiKi is so precious, love her name!!! Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us!!! Joan Bates ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. the kitten only gained 130g in 24 days? kittens should gain at least 100g per week or at least 10g per day.
    Do munchkin/bsh mix kittens gain so much less weight than bsh kittens?

    My bsh kitten weighed 75g at birth (22.05) and 200g 9 days later.
    I'm worried because the kitten has only gained 55g in the last 6 days (255g, 15 days old).

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