The Kittens Was Starving And Asking For Help

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The Kittens Was Starving And Asking For Help

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This kitten was given to us by a girl. The girl said that the cat gave birth to four children in my house, out of four cats took three Go with and leave one at our house. The girl is feeding the kitten from the bottle. The girl told us she could no longer take care of the kitten, so keep the kitten.

When the girls handed us the kittens, we ended up feeding the streets and we ran out of special kitten recipes. Now we have to feed it immediately and the kittens do not dare to remain silent. We immediately prepared the kitten’s special milk and fed it.

If anyone is interested in getting this kitten, please send us a message.

In this video you will see Cat Luna, Cat Poppy and Cat Jasmine react when they see this kitten in the house for the first time.

We have a white cat that we rescued a few days ago. We also tried to adopt a kitten, but she has not. We are trying, maybe a day or two, that the cat will take it.

We make street food every day. We continue to receive various cases. All cases we can not share with you on youtube. There are some cases like Zimbabwe or Coco or Lucy that we have not shared on YouTube. Want to see it can also see it on Instagram.

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The Kittens Was Starving And Asking For Help

10 thoughts on “The Kittens Was Starving And Asking For Help

  1. Why didn’t you pick him up and comfort him feed him and take care of him. This was nothing but a photo shoot for you and you had no true intentions of saving him. Shame on you

  2. Of Doamne sper să fie bine suflete nevinovate ca de altfel toți copii — puii pe pământ sănătate multă și să fie cât mai mulți salvați să nu mai existe suferință ❤

  3. Pick the baby up you idiot!!! Why are you making him jump thru YOUR hoops??? 😡😡😡

  4. Ou sont sa maman et ses petits frères et petites sœurs?..C' est normal qu il soit triste et malheureux…

  5. Jesus have Mercy on these precious little animals and Bless those who help them

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