The Lion King (Cute Kitten Version)

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This kitten just can’t wait to be king.
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A child’s interpretation of the Lion King. Starring Kittens and crayon colored props.

Producer/Editor: Nick Fabiano
Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis
Production Assistant: Scott Kelley
Editor: Jessica Porper
Set Design: Alison Womby, Ben Stumpf, Wes Marsala, Nick Fabiano, Matt Pagourgis
Voice: Jackson
Special Thanks:
Cats At The Studios, Inc.


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The Lion King (Cute Kitten Version)

10 thoughts on “The Lion King (Cute Kitten Version)

  1. Oh Em Gee these kittens are so adorable I can’t stand it and I have seven kittens and I love my kittens and I love these kittens because they are so adorable and they’re tiny and they’re so cute and I also like the lion King and did you know there is a new lion king coming out but it is in the theaters and is the real life version of lion king🐈🐈🦁🐾🐾🐾🐾🌧🔥

  2. You know its very appropriate to use kittens for a lion king recreation because kittens are cats and lions are cats too nice work

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