The name of the kitten has been decided

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I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.
It’s been almost a month since the kitten was born.
I’ve finally decided on a name for the kitten, so I’ll announce it to everyone.
The name of the kitten is “Kiki”.
The kitten’s gender is female, and I decided because the sound of the name is cute.
Also, Kiki means “happy” or “joy” in Japanese.
I hope you like it too.
Thanks to you, Kiki is doing well every day.
Immediately after being born, she weighed only 70g, Now it’s over 300g!
I will do my best so that she can continue to grow in good health.
I will continue to deliver three cats cute videos to you, so please continue to support Coco, Mimi, and Kiki.

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・Name Coco
・Birthday  2020.10.24.
・Cat breed Munchkin (Short legged)
・Sex Male

・Name   Mimi
・Birthday  2020.10.23.
・Cat breed British Shorthair
・Sex    Female   

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The name of the kitten has been decided

10 thoughts on “The name of the kitten has been decided

  1. I named 2 of my cats Kiki😊😻💖. Kiki the 1st sadly got out and was never seen again.😿. I still have Kiki 2nd. He is fifteen years old!😺 What a fitting name for the baby kitten❣💗💖

  2. Hola a todos! Es hermosa Mimi. Dicen que a los gatos 🐱 les suenan muy bien los sonidos con la letra i así que Kiki sería ideal para la chiquita nueva, que crezca sanita!!

  3. Adorei o nome Kiki. Para mim, traduz muito bem a energia feminina, a graça, a inocência, a beleza, o milagre da natureza. Parabéns e vida longa e saudável para a família Coco, Mimi e Kiki; incluindo o seu dono.🤗🐹😘💚💛🇧🇷

  4. Thank you for loving and taking care of this adorable family.
    They are so cure !

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