The Story Of The Adorable 7 Foster Kittens

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A big thank you to Mona Boucher & my wife Sharon for allowing me to use their wonderful footage of the kittens in this video and a very big thank you to our fabulous VOKRA volunteers Susan, Katherine, Kristina, Laura, Marlene, Nicki & Denise for all of their great help in looking after this very special litter of rescued kittens. For more videos of the Adorable 7 Foster Kittens please click on the following link:

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The Story Of The Adorable 7 Foster Kittens

10 thoughts on “The Story Of The Adorable 7 Foster Kittens

  1. So you name most of them after Watership Down? Heck that movie that is based on the book is very frightening and bloody.

  2. They really should make kitten bowls long so they can all share. The kittens are easy to make friendly. But when you can earn the wild moms or dads trust and love it is just amazing

  3. Text Tip: Put light text on a dark background and dark text on a light background, instead of low contrast like white on light, black on dark, grey on grey. You can use kitten-friendly colors, of course, too, but again, have enough contrast. This will make showing names, captions, and subtitles much easier to see and more attractive. 😀

  4. These 7 kittens are wonderful, and I'm so glad they got good homes. I like the name Acorn for a brown tabby, very neat. (Gosh, how have I never read Watership Down or seen a film?)

  5. If I had that many "BABY MONSTERS" (kittens). I would never be able to part with them as I always have, and always will "LOVE CATS"!
    I mean stop and think about it;
    (1) You'll NEVER have a mouse or a rat problem, (no not the music group "RAT" from the 80's).
    (2) You'll never pay to go to the "CIRCUS" because you've already got "CLOWNS", "THE HIGH FLYING ACT", and since they are like "LITTLE LION'S" all in 1.

  6. Mas essa caixa parece carro de palhaço, não para de sair gatinhos de dentro. São todos bonitinhos.

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