Tiny Kitten Fails Spectacularly With Jump #shorts

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This the adorable moment a tiny kitten dreams big – trying to leap up to an impossibly high kitchen counter. The one-month-old moggy named Star was aiming for the worktop surface at the family home in Yavne, Israel on September 1. However, she appeared to forget how short her legs were and jumped with all her strength just a few inches off the ground. Star’s owner Yafit Weizmann said: “Star always does silly things and she is brave enough to try and do things beyond her capacity.” Yafit, a teacher, likened the kitten to a young child trying their hardest to learn at school but needing extra help to reach their goals. He added: ”Sometimes we all need a lift to get where we want.”

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Tiny Kitten Fails Spectacularly With Jump #shorts

10 thoughts on “Tiny Kitten Fails Spectacularly With Jump #shorts

  1. This kitty knows it meant to be achieve that goals, without knowing the current possibilities. Like cat obvious things.

    But we humans find probabilities/ possibilities to do anything, many even never try.

  2. This is one of the sweetest kitten videos I've ever seen. This and the original "surprise paws" are my two all-time favorites. What's cuter than a kitten?? Nothing!

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