Tiny Kittens Shelly and Eve after births

Kittens Video Information:

These videos were recorded from live streaming cams at the Tiny Kittens Society website http://tinykittens.com/live

Reality Rescue Cats/Kittens TV
Besides the normal kitty behaviors of them looking adorable playing, sleeping, eating, wrestling with each other, squawking for their turn at their favorite nipple at the milkbar…
You may see cats and kittens feeling sick, sometimes grumpy, hissing, scampy, etc. Do not worry, they are in the best of care with volunteer snugglers, vet techs and the best vets in the area!

Tiny Kittens Society is a volunteer-run non-profit society working to improve the lives of cats and kittens in need. Based in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.
Their mission: “Rescuing locally, educating globally”
They help cats and kittens in need. Watch their rescue cats and kittens LIVE 24/7: http://tinykittens.com/live

If you would like to learn more, please visit:
FAQ: http://tinykittens.com/faq
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinykittens
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tinykittensHQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinykittenshq

These videos were recorded by Sara (Little Darling) & is not affiliated with Tiny Kittens Society

7th March – 3rd July 2015
Eve, Mother, dilute torbie
Otto, Male, ginger
Pip, Male, dilute ginger
Siris, Male, dilute ginger and white
Izzi, Female, black and white tuxie
Arora, Female, tabby

Eve was one of several pregnant female cats handed in at the second LAPS kitten round up in March. She was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time and therefore got to spend a good deal of time chilling at Tinykittens HQ and getting fit and healthy, before the birth of her five kittens on 27th April. She was in residence at the same time as the Sesame Street kittens, who she regarded with some horror, even though they were keen to meet her. When the Palindromes were six weeks old, the family was augmented by Sloaney’s four Happy Forest kittens, who came to learn how to kitten from their older, less inhibited cousins.

Eve was adopted with daughter Arora, Otto and Izzi were adopted together, and so were Pip and Siris. Pip and Siris returned to Tinykittens HQ for a short while when Siris contracted a serious upper respiratory infection. Shelly thought the boys would prefer to stay with her than in a cage at a veterinary hospital. Siris made a full recovery and soon returned home to his family.

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Eve and Arora
Siris and Pip
Izzi and Otto

Tiny Kittens Shelly and Eve after births