Tough Love: Socializing Feral Kittens (Part 1 of 3)

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The Urban Cat League teaches you how to tame and socialize feral kittens to make them ready for adoption into homes instead of life on the streets.

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Produced for the Urban Cat League ( with a Partners in Caring grant from the ASPCA (

Producers: Cathe Neukum and Daniel Breton
Camera: Daniel Breton and Cathe Neukum
Music: Kim Sherman
Post Sound-Mix: Eric Shim
In-Kind Services: Ganglion Films (, Neukum Pictures, Kim Sherman, and Scott Killian

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Tough Love: Socializing Feral Kittens (Part 1 of 3)

10 thoughts on “Tough Love: Socializing Feral Kittens (Part 1 of 3)

  1. I use these videos a lot to demonstrate socialising to foster carers. Thank you so much for producing them – they are invaluable. Reading a guide is one thing; watching it in action is much more effective.


  3. Just wanted to let you guys know that this video was my bible for taming the 10 week old feral kitten we found in our garage. Whenever I got discouraged, I'd just watch this video again and it'd give me that little boost I needed to stay patient and keep at it.

    Sheba is now 5 months old and loves to play. While she never became a fan of petting, she does sometimes cuddle and fall asleep if we don't move around too much. She's become best buds with our other two house cats, and as long as she's happy, I'm happy.

    You guys are amazing! Keep making the world a better place! 🙂

  4. There are so many feral gorgeous cats in newark NJ by Branch Brook Park, I adopted one feral kitty and one I took to a shelter in Staten Island because in Newark they killed them. I wish you guys come around here and see the amount of kitties without home. I feel so bad. I usually walk with food so I could feed them. I even have names for many of them, but it breaks my heart that they are all alone and multiplying. The worst time is winter since they look for someone to take them home and keep them warm . They are truly desperate. I hope you guys could come around here and if you do I'm willing to volunteer.
    You guys do a magnificent job God bless you.

  5. I found 2 feral kittens and there mother and i left a bowl of water and a few chicken part which they have eat hungerly but whenever I get near them they run away idk what to do

  6. Cute kittens especially the tuxedo ones. Thanks Urban Cat League for the work you do. You have saved many lives.

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