Try to save life of newborn abandoned kittens | Adopted and nursed by Foster Cat Charlie

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As you know, we go for street feeding daily(For our daily street feeding videos you can visit our instagram channel).Today we were busy in feeding cats and kittens when this girl you saw in this video has handed us 2 newly born kittens. She said that the cat had come to her house two or three days ago. First she left a kitten in our house under the bed. She came back three or four hours later and then left another Kitten in our house. Then that mother cat never came to our house again.

Today, with the help of neighbors, she got to know that their mother had died in an accident. We were very shocked when we heard this. You can see how cute these kittens are. We were feeding them milk. They were feeling very hungry.

If they are not properly cared for, it becomes very difficult for them to survive. Small kittens have to be fed and pooped by us. You can see us doing this.We already have lot of kittens, how do we take care of them?

We asked the girl to keep these kittens but she said it would not be possible for her. And said if I could keep them, I would never come to you. You can see in the video that she tells how the cat left kittens in her house.

Luckily, Cat Charlie has recently arrived with three kittens in teddy kittens home. Lastly, we have uploaded Charlie’s video on our channel. We thought it would be very easy if Charlie adopt these kittens. We are taking them home with us on a hope that cat accepts them.When we arrived home, Charlie was feeding her kittens milk.

Cat Charlie’s reaction was worth seeing when she heard the kittens’ voice.You can see when Cat Charlie saw these orphan kittens for the first time. She loves them. Charlie accepted the babies and also fed and pooped them.

She takes great care of adopted kittens and makes no difference between herself and the adopted kittens. Her own kittens are a little bigger and we’re also bottle feeding them so Charlie doesn’t have so much burden.

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”
___ Mitch Albom___

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Try to save life of newborn abandoned kittens | Adopted and nursed by Foster Cat Charlie

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  1. What an amazing Mother cat, immediately adopting these kittens in need!

  2. 2 adorable kittens!! 🤗❤😸 😸 Thank you for caring for them!!

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