Trying to save life of 5 days old poor newborn kitten

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We got a call from an old man who told us about this kitten. He said that we were here for a walk and my granddaughter saw this kitten. He said that we have been here for a long time, this kitten is alone and its mother is not around. The kitten was also in danger there because there are dogs there too.

This place is eighteen to twenty kilometers away from our house. As soon as we got the news, we immediately reached there. First we tried to find the mother of the kitten. We asked various people there but could not find any trace of the kitten’s mother.

It becomes very difficult for kittens to survive without a mother. Because they have to be fed every two hours and this kitten is so small that its eyes are not yet open. We have to make such a small kitten poop by ourselves.

We felt that the kitten was quite hungry. We made special kitten formula milk and we talked to a security guard there that if he sees any other kittens or their mother, he must call us.
After that we brought the kitten home. We thought maybe Molly could adopt the kitten. The other kittens are now big enough to eat and drink on their own. When we put this kitten in front of Molly, first she didn’t adopt, but now you will see in the video that Molly cat has adopted the kitten.

Hello Friends My channel is about stray cats I live in Punjab, thousands of stray cats and kittens live where I live and unfortunately they are very hungry. They need food, love and attention. I feed them every day and offer my love When they see me they start meowing and following me, I love cats. I WANT A WORLD WHERE ALL CATS LIVE HAPPY DON’T LET CATS TO STAY Hungry.

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Trying to save life of 5 days old poor newborn kitten

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