Two injured street kittens find a home together

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Music is Umio by Flughand:

We found these two kittens outside looking for help. One kitten was living in some empty shipping containers, crying for help, with his head tilted to the side. And we found another with an old leg injury that made walking difficult.

You helped give them the medical care they need. And you made their happy life together possible. Thank you.

These cats are both symptoms of the same problem. Help us tackle this once and for all by making a donation today:

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Two injured street kittens find a home together

10 thoughts on “Two injured street kittens find a home together

  1. I'm a monthly supporter and SO HAPPY to be one!! I love you guys , thank you for all of your wonderful hard work.❤

  2. I miss the videos that were telling proper stories. They made me feel engaged.
    This one does tell a story, but very curtly, so like all the recent videos kinda feels like a quickly made "Here's two shots of cats being outside. Give us money."

    I'm not writing this with any strong emotions. Just a heads up that the focus on donations is making me lose interest.

  3. What a lovely pair. Idk if I support at all financially by watching, I do share a fair few videos too. So glad to see them safe, happier and well.

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