Two Orphan Kittens Become Best Friends

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Hank and Kodiak came from different states and different litters, but now they are the best of friends.

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Two Orphan Kittens Become Best Friends

10 thoughts on “Two Orphan Kittens Become Best Friends

  1. hopefully my mom turns her maybe into a yes because I need a best friend and I can’t wait to have one

  2. Kodiak must be related to my cat because she does the same thing. . .she has been known to even fall asleep on people's shoulders

  3. Omg 😭😭 I'm actually so proud of Hank. She's come so far. Her and Kodi were ment to be best friends 💕

  4. you actually made me cry cause now those cats are adopted which me me cried really hard 🙁

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