Undercover with CAPS: Inside a Kitten Mill

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See a rare and heartbreaking look inside a USDA-licensed kitten mill in Nebraska. Read the CAPS blog to learn how you can take action!


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Undercover with CAPS: Inside a Kitten Mill

10 thoughts on “Undercover with CAPS: Inside a Kitten Mill

  1. I've seen feral cats in the wood that had like 20 cats in group. Definitely much better life than this. There's also a homeless lady that taking care of 30+ cats. And they seem to be more healthy than this obviously.

  2. Holy Fuck! This is just horrific! This is why I get my kittens from my fellow Cat Fanciers, NOT from these people! These people do not take care of them properly, obviously. Those poor Exotics need to have their faces cleaned and have their fur brushed! All of those cats need serious medical and hygienic care. Poor things!

  3. Lady’s a fat ass slug, how tf could she look after cats if she cant look after herself?

  4. She acknowledges the pens are a mess but doesn't reduce her kittens to be able to properly care for them? "and it isn't much extra money to sell them" GOOD god

  5. That lady should be put in one of those cages with overflowing litter to see what she’s doing to these cats.
    There are some disgusting people out there.

  6. Please make the heartless woman an oven till her last breath.
    Take all the cats away from the brutal woman. Don't forget to feed the woman with the poo of the innocent cats.

  7. Prices up and down go to jail woman .. there free adopting cats and kittens at shelters everyday . Brevard animal services .and there clean fixed spayed treated and have clean water food and clean rooms.adopt don't shop

  8. This is why we have a feral cat issue world wide. And factor in the irresponsible families who abandoned their pets constantly. Then there are cat hater groups like these people shooting feral cats in the head: https://youtu.be/gxUTl_xd9u0

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