Update: Badger, the Hot Mess Kitten!

Kittens Video Information:

Baby Badger might be a bit of a hot mess, but he’s doing better every day–and he’s totally worth it!

Want to know more about Badger? Watch his rescue video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snstmPvmFjg

Video produced by Adam Myatt

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Update: Badger, the Hot Mess Kitten!

10 thoughts on “Update: Badger, the Hot Mess Kitten!

  1. please keep us udated with Badger's story!! Thank you so much for saving these challenging cases!!

  2. Love the work you do! YouTube had brain fart shall we say with my account but I followed this and others on your channel from day one; just wasn't able to comment! Their (YouTube) finally had a left brain connects to the right brain moment and allowed the issue to be fixed finally! Thank you Hannah for boldly going where humans have feared to tread… Into neonatal 'hot mess' zone of the feline issue! Blaze that trail gurl! 😂😂😂 Much love for Badger and your work!

  3. You have a great attitude and have inspired me to start fostering xx thankyou

  4. Future haves hope. Reality hasn't.
    Young cats are beautiful, milk for them is founded.

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