Update on Kittens| Stray Kitten Gives Birth

Kittens Video Information:

Update on Kittens| Stray Kittens Gives Birth

Here are the cute kittens born from a stray cat we took in. Also an update on the kitten we are fostering. I think it is so beautiful how Pebbles and Cookie (mama cat) took so kindly to Hershey the new foster and started to teach him. It is really inspiring. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Update on Kittens| Stray Kitten Gives Birth

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  1. Adorables petits chatons thank you for sharing 🐹🐹🐾🐾🐱😍😍😻😻😸💗💖💕💛🐈💝

  2. Please have all cats sterilized and neutered. You can do this when they weight 1 kg. A cat can produce three litters a year.

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