We finally trapped mama!!!

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For the last 16 days, our team has been worrying, watching, feeding, leaving toys, setting traps, bushwhacking through the ravine and hiding endlessly behind trees, desperately hoping to trap the elusive mama of the three tiny kittens we rescued from a ravine.


We were overjoyed to reunite mama Candy with her three kittens, and with her suspected older kitten, Cupcake. Candy is understandably scared after a long day of trapping, her first car ride, and being in a totally unfamiliar environment, but we’re hopeful she will start to feel safe and comfortable soon with the help of her adorable family.

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We finally trapped mama!!!

10 thoughts on “We finally trapped mama!!!

  1. Such excellent news! Love and prayers to Momma and Kittens and everyone involved in helping them! πŸ™πŸ§‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  2. Oh that is such a relief! I'm so happy this little family is now reunited with each other. Well done Tiny Kittens your hard work has paid off & now you've saved another mom cat. 😍😍❀❀

  3. Yes πŸ™Œ is this the same one from Facebook you trapped yesterday? ❀️

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