When a Baby Kitten Loves Humans Too Much

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1st – Xuni ♀ (Aug. 7th. 2019 Munchikin)
2nd – Yuni ♀ (Aug. ?th. 2019 Domestic Short Hair)
3rd – Soni ♂ (Feb. ?th. 2020 Munchikin and American Curl)

▶ People
1st – Coni ♂ ( May. 10th. 1989 Korean )
2nd – Honi ♂ ( Jan. 03th. 1990 Korean )

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Coni Youtube – http://youtube.com/conitv

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🎵Music provided by 브금대통령
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  1. She's so tiny and cute and adorable that it's actually kind of frustrating to watch these videos.

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