When feeding a baby kittens came the curious rescued kitten…!?

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This is a feeding scene baby kittens Terra and Towa, both one week old. Terra’s eyes are starting to open a little.

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We have to be host family of the kitten that was born a month ago. It is the kitten from South America Paraguay that is wild-blooded wild, it is the gray kitten, very soft and cute!😻😻🐾

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10 thoughts on “When feeding a baby kittens came the curious rescued kitten…!?

  1. When little kitten tries to attack while feeding another kitten ♥️

  2. テラちゃん、タオルに包まれてミルクおいしそうにのむ

  3. الرجاء اضافة الترجمه للغه العربيه في جميع الفيديوهات

  4. Absolutely adorable ❤️ God bless these precious little angel babies 💘😻

  5. トワちゃんとテラちゃんのミルクを飲んだ後の満足そうな顔可愛い❤️お腹いっぱいになると幸せ😃💕感じますものね☺️にゃんこ🐱も人間も一緒です✨

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