Wobbly Kittens

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These little guys have a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia. They have it as a result of being exposed, via their mother, to the feline distemper virus before they were born. Except for the lack of motor control, they are normal kittens in every way, and like all kittens, they need loving homes! UPDATE: All three wobblies were adopted to fantastic people. There are good homes for these special kittens and cats if they’re given a chance! For their story and photos check out flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisacat/sets/72157594408186217/

Wobbly Kittens

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  1. is this the typical presentation, or is it a more severe form? I found a feral kitten a few months ago and she seems to have some of this, though not all the time. mostly she just has a really wobbly head. I found her with a broken leg, so she limps a little, but I'm not sure if that's from the leg (since it's only been three months) or from this disorder. the vet things she's seven months old now. is there a test for this type of thing…??

  2. I adopted a wobbly when she was 9 weeks old… she's now 3 years and is a fun, lively cat – still wobbly but it doesn't stop her hunting down and murdering the house spiders! ;D

  3. Thank you so much! I work at a cat rescue and we just got 5 kittens and 3 of them are just like this and we didnt know what was causeing it! i cant wait to tell the owner of the rescue what it may be so we can prepare them for adoption!

  4. This vid made me really sad 🙁

    I was fostering a littter of kittens for the animal shelter I volunteer at, and we found out that they had distemper. Two didn't make it, but the other two survived and they said one has nerve damage like this and walks funny. I'm getting the kittens back in a few days so I'm scared to see how bad it is 🙁 The important thing though, like the kittens in the vid, is that they survived! So thankful for that.

  5. We have a young adult cat (he's about 6) with that affliction – he's a great cat – even climbs the living room cat tree up to the crow's next – that's one of his favorite spots.

  6. my kitten is eight weeks old. he was perfectly ok until last week when he developed an acute illness and got better.
    But afterwards he is wobbly like the kittens in this video… how can that be…
    I am so worried
    please reply

  7. Dizzy is ten years old and she seems and acts like a kitten. Dizzy Is the one to the right of the video.

  8. What vet or shelter gives a pregnant animal vaccinations?!! This should cause a loss of license!!!!! So sad to see this!

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