A Strange Cane Corso & Cute Dogs at Dog Park

Cute Dogs Video Information:

Today a Great Dane, Weimaraner puppy, a white pitbull, or Dogo puppy (not sure which) a St. Bernard, and a bunch of other cool dogs showed up at the dog park. The Cane Corso does something strange that I have never seen another dog do.

*This channel exists in order to educate people about dog behavior at dog parks.*

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A Strange Cane Corso & Cute Dogs at Dog Park

10 thoughts on “A Strange Cane Corso & Cute Dogs at Dog Park

  1. What a beautiful Great Dane at the beginning. Think the Cane Corso was just so overwhelmed by the amount of dogs, hope they’ve settled a bit now.

  2. I love how they all the come up like "hi I heard your the man to see about getting on the internet".

  3. They are so awesome with their relationship you can just see the love it's awesome to see seriously, then when he was love nibbling her he stopped for a second and she looked back like hey I liked that don't stop lmao

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