10 thoughts on “Adorable and Cute Maltese Puppy Dog! A MUST SEE!!!

  1. Our Maltese was Karsie Ray and she gave me love like no other. It was funny how she watched TV, so one day my wife showed her a video on her iPad of some baby Maltese playing and she went nuts. So I found this video for her and she cried with excitement. Later I wouldn't say nothing and just start playing it. She would jump in my face to give me kisses as if she knew the words and their meaning of love to the end. Well last night my Karsie Ray passed so I'm here grieving today, watching and reminiscing of our almost 9 years together. It's truly helping with every tear shed. For the love & memories I have of our time are far greater than the sorrow of today. I'm so very thankful to have experienced and shared this love for such a beautiful loving creature who always made me feel like I was the greatest thing in her world. Thanks for the video and sharing your Special Maltese!

  2. I am soo happy cuz my mom and dad is making a decision if we get a cute Maltese like that lil cutie on the video. Same personalities as her/him almost, I visited her today and meeting her, sadly I’m allergic to pet dander. But it isn’t as severe , so I may soon get a dog like her/him! 😀

  3. Adorable …..my dog is a Maltese blend and has a little patch here and there of reddish blond…so cute too

  4. RIP my Thamendrie Naicker AKA Tammy. This vid reminds me of you. You were truely a blessing and a legend. Miss you every day.

  5. I have a Maltese dog 18 months. Charlotte. She is very small , the love of my life.

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