Big Dogs Playing Rough Training Video-Cutest Couple!

Cute Dogs Video Information:
German Shepherd Charlie and DOGercise Client Luna demonstrate some healthy dog play habits. Big dogs like to play rough sometimes. Often people aren’t sure whether or not the play is friendly, too rough, and then before you know it their is a fight. It can be hard to see the signs. Here are two best friends playing very rough. You can see how many of these behaviors could be seen as a threat, which is why I’m never far away and always moderate play. Watch and enjoy!

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Big Dogs Playing Rough Training Video-Cutest Couple!

10 thoughts on “Big Dogs Playing Rough Training Video-Cutest Couple!

  1. Even though I showed My sister these videos that they are just playing with each other,
    She still thinks one is bullying the other

  2. I don’t know if my dog are playing or fighting and if they like each other or not we just got a another dog and he’s so playful but can sometimes take it to a extend I feel bad because my current dog Nina is so sweet she doesn’t bite or do anything teddy my new dog jumps on her and bites and tugs on her ears and she just growls and tries to wrestle him off and sometimes she jump on him and growls and bites his neck and it looks like she’s trying to kill him but idk if their playing or fighting..

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