10 thoughts on “Cute beagle doesn’t want a bath

  1. Well now….Oli-vur is like
    No. And while I'm thinking about it…No. And by the way…No.

  2. Aw… You said "Just your", and he heard "Chester"… went for the toy. MY HEART

  3. When you realize that beagle has 197 alt accounts and disliked this video with all of them…

  4. HA … Oliver is such a cutie.. ! So happy to be out of the …. ( * insert ominous sounding music ) Uggg BATH ! * shudder * … What was always a mystery is why my dogs LOVED getting completely drenched playing in streams.. jumping in lakes and swimming.. puddles outside.. you name it .. but a little water in the tub.. you would think I was about to torture them !

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