10 thoughts on “Cute beagle likes to sniff where other dogs have done their business

  1. Yep, my beagle Lucas does the same. Has Oliver marked his invisible pee? Both Lucas and the past Louis always marked their invisible pee towards the end of their walks.

  2. If I were to have dropped my beagle’s leash he would’ve ran away 😂

  3. they also like to eat other dog's SH!T and roll in it but you already knew that

  4. Oliver "Don't I get a treat for everything !?!" Wish I could touch those floppy ears!

  5. Hello! May I ask you how big Oliver is? I mean how tall and how much he weighs, is you know? I am looking for a beagle and I've heard that there are 13 and 15 inchers born in the same litter, and I really want a smaller one because I couldn't handle a German shepherd along with another medium sized dog. I was thinking to only get a female at first as they're smaller but it seems to be mission impossible because there are way more males than females out there.

  6. I had a girlfriend that couldn't go 5 minutes without asking 'What do you think?' It drove me CRAZY!

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