Cute Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies – Puppy Love

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Watch these adorable Bernese Mountain Dogs romp around and play!
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5 Facts about Bernese Mountain Dogs:

1. Bernese Mountain Dogs originated in Switzerland.
2. Bernese Mountain Dogs are tri-colored with patches of black, rust, and white.
3. Bernese Mountain Dogs were used as general purpose farm dogs because of their large, sturdy frames.
4. Bernese Mountain Dogs have two coats of fur and require a lot of grooming.
5. Bernese Mountain Dogs have calm temperaments and are good for families.

Producer: Gabe Evans
Associate Producer: Anna Dean

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Cute Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies – Puppy Love

10 thoughts on “Cute Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies – Puppy Love

  1. Several years ago some friends and I were hiking in the local mountains. We came upon a lady with the most adorable puppy I had ever seen. There were several large patches of snow still on the ground and the puppy was running from patch to patch rolling in the snow and barking a bark of pure happiness. I didn't recognize the breed so I asked her. She said she's a Bernese Mountain Dog and I replied, oh that explains why she's so happy to be here. I greedily snatched her up as she ran by me heading for a snow patch and immediately got a kiss on the cheek. Absolutely adorable puppy, I'll never forget her.

  2. When I first watched this video over 2 years ago, I showed my mum. She loved it so much we went on to buy a Bernese and it's been the best purchase we've made ever. Great company and very friendly. Love attention and always seems to sit on people's feet. She's brilliant. (:

  3. These puppies are sooo CUTE how can you not LOVE them, just cute, cute.
    This is a FEEL GOOD video, its like when you eat CHOCOLATE and you feel soo FINE.

  4. BMD the cutest puppies ever, when I took mine for a walk down the main intersection people would leave their meals in restaurants to come outside to pet him, so adorable. The best dog ever, do check out the breed it’s wonderful for families and will be your best friend

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