Cute dog got Confused.

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Poor dog! Have you guys ever had such experiences with your dogs? What makes your dog get confused like this? Do share!

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Cute dog got Confused.

10 thoughts on “Cute dog got Confused.

  1. Just look at those sweet, cute little ears, eyes, nose and face! I could just nibble on him, but, I wont. LOL! Seriously, he is one cute, handsome pup!

  2. It's very cute! However, he's not confused, he's in pain because the noise the phone is making is really hurting his ears, as dogs have very sensitive hearing, and certain sounds/frequesys can really hurt a dogs ears. Just like nails against a chalkboard drives us crazy. Certain sounds like that can drive dogs crazy. So he's actually in pain, not confused. Just wanted to point that out.

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