Cute Dogs Eating Apple

Cute Dogs Video Information:

Video from back in the day of my dogs munching on an apple.

Yellow dog is Gracie, was 3 at the time, and is thought to be full bred lab.

Black dog is my childhood puppy Monchu, (pronounced MAH-CHEW) which apparently means bear in some kind of native language.

We adopted him when he was somewhere around 5-8 years old, we dont know exactly how old because he was born on an indian reservation and lived outside for a good part of his life.

We dont know exactly what breed he was but we believe it was mostly Husky and Bernese mountain dog.

He passed away naturally in January 2014 after a long life protecting our family.

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Cute Dogs Eating Apple

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  1. When you here sponge Bob in the back around and 5mins later you want to watch sponge Bob

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