Cute Dogs | Tonka & Monroe’s Morning Adventure Vlog

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Cute Dogs | Tonka & Monroe’s Morning Adventure Vlog!
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Monroe The Husky

Capone The Bully…

ChefBoyOh Tonka…

World Of Woo The Bluebay Shepherd & Princess Too…

Watch Tonka walk Terri The T Rex

Watch Tonka Get a Bath in a Storm

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Cute Dogs | Tonka & Monroe’s Morning Adventure Vlog

10 thoughts on “Cute Dogs | Tonka & Monroe’s Morning Adventure Vlog

  1. All I'm thinking is that place would be great for senior pics😁 especially on that bridge

  2. Thanks for sharing.Looks like you had fun.I love you kids ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  3. Awe good job Monroe jumping into the pool to cool off, you both are so lucky to to have a big pool to swim in after a long hike

  4. Poor Manroe falling into that hole…I love her and Tonka swimming..she`s so cute how she almost climbs on him
    for him to help her swim back to safety, they`re so adorable and beautiful. Second time I watch this video.
    Just watching some of my favorite dogs, lol…

  5. Bonnie, you and Ron have been blessed with two well behaved dogs, and they are blessed to have such good mommy and daddy, they both are so well behaved

  6. Awe Monroe is such a good girl off leash, listens and waits for mommy and Tonka, and Tonka knows he deserves the swim after a long run and even longer walk, you have two amazing fur-babies and love watching them

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