Cute Pet Dog video . Funny dog 🐢 . #shorts #petdogs #cutedogs #funnydogs

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Have you ever seen a pair as cuddly as this one?
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This rare set of best friends are known as Louie and Yangi. Louie is a cute and stylish show dog and Yangi, is a clever cat full of attitude and adventure
➑️ These two animals are full of entertainment from outfit changes that will have you smiling to playful antics that will warm your heart with joy.
β™₯️ Louie and Yangi are always up to something new whether it be indoors or out on the ranch. It is clear the world is their playground!
From climbing all objects, playing dress-up, and smiling for the camera these two will help you to kickstart your day with cuteness!

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Cute Pet Dog video . Funny dog 🐢 . #shorts #petdogs #cutedogs #funnydogs

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