Dog Gets Puppy Birthday Surprise of a Lifetime! Potpie Meets Cute Puppy Indie for First Time!

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Watch Cute Dog Potpie Get The Best Birthday Gift Surprise of a Lifetime: a new Puppy!! It happens often that Cute dog Potpie tries to play with his two dog pals, Funny Dogs Maymo and Penny, but neither one of them are in the mood. Potpie gets bored just being at home with nothing to do…until his birthday. He hears the doorbell, and when he goes to check out who’s visited, he finds a huge gift box sitting there. The mystery of what’s inside only gets more intriguing as he hears cute animal sounds coming from inside, and when his owner lifts off the gift wrapping from the giant present, he is surprised to see a brand new puppy!! The dog and puppy bond immediately, playing all around the house, running after each other and wrestling. Cute puppy dog Indie and cute dog Potpie begrudgingly take a bath together, walk in a field, and tackle the vacuum cleaner. This could be the best cute puppy videos you’ll see all year, and maybe the cutest video surprise of all time! Out of all the presents Potpie could’ve gotten for his birthday, this by far is his favorite!

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“Dear Mr. Tambourine Man” by Josef Bel Habib
“Couldn’t Be Happier” by Experia
“Triple Jump Kid” by Stationary Sign
“Starfields” by Hallman

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  1. Tan bellos y hermosos verlos jugar alegran el alma qué tanta falta me hace gracias❤❤❤❤😂

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