Dog lovingly babysits cute baby goats

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Betty the Pyrenean Mountain Dog takes some time out of her day to watch and play with several very young and very adorable goats. Look at how nice they all get along!

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Dog lovingly babysits cute baby goats

10 thoughts on “Dog lovingly babysits cute baby goats

  1. We had a Pyr years ago who saved the life of a lamb whose mother died the night she was born. It was January, near zero temps, with an ice storm moving in. We found the dog the next morning with that tiny lamb underneath him. Funny thing was, that dog had never laid eyes on a sheep before we got him. Pure instinct to take care of that little baby.

  2. Lol !! Great video! Check out this hero dog.

  3. The dog is a Great Mountain for protection. He live always with little animals for protection of depredators like wolf for example. It's a normal activity in this type of dog, very very protector for the persons. Is a very nice dog and quite

  4. I have a Pyrenean Mountain dog named Timur, my grandparents got him to be a guard dog for our goats. This breed is very smart and friendly unless it is scared. These dogs are amazing.

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