Dog rescue in South Los-Angeles: a cute terrier & 2 pups

Cute Dogs Video Information:

The toughest part in this rescue was to actually get past rush hour traffic of Los Angeles 🙂

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You can meet these dogs this weekend at Mary’s adoption event: Saturdays 11pm-4pm at the Centinela Pet & Feed Store located at 5299 Sepulveda Blvd in Culver City.

You can also email Mary at:

Please donate to our cheeseburger fund that helps us save so many animals:

Thanks! 🙂

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Dog rescue in South Los-Angeles: a cute terrier & 2 pups

10 thoughts on “Dog rescue in South Los-Angeles: a cute terrier & 2 pups

  1. What has our world turned into. A world where people will actually dump animals on the street just because they cannot produce litters or they are injured. It is the same for humans and should be for animals if a baby is blind or born with a broken leg for an example you shouldn’t just dump them on the street not caring at all what happens to them. Honestly it makes me sick what people are doing to the world that belongs to God.
    He didn’t create animals for the purposes of breeding of having to look nice so we shouldn’t use them for that reason. I know there is sin in this world but this is no exception.

    Thank you for reading this, and if you disliked this or think HfP is stupid then I hope I have changed your perspective. Like if you agree and think that HfP is amazing if you think differently than please don’t right hate comments because I will just delete them. Also I just wanted to say I am not doing this for the purposes of likes but because I want to express how I feel and make a change in what is happening.

    (P.S. I am not saying it is wrong if you don’t give money to them because I understand some people are poor and don’t have enough money but I am saying it is wrong to do this to animals for pleasure and to entertain yourself)

    Again thanks for reading

  2. I’m so great full that dogs are loved so much and they always try to save them

  3. Not every dog is a good boy. (Growling starts)

    Many are good girls.
    Such cuties!

  4. I want to volunteer to hope for paws like I literally went to its website to volunteer but there is no volunteering. I think I will wait for one more year because I am a dog expert as I have experienced it 100 times because I have five bulldogs in my home. Please like my comment😎😎😊😊

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