Dog Rolls on Pickle: Cute Dog Maymo

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Dog Rolls on Pickle: Cute Dog Maymo
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Maymo the lemon beagle dog loves to roll on pickles. Watch this cute puppy use his ninja agility skills to defeat pickle and then take a victory roll over his adversary. Cutest dog vs. pickle battle you’ll ever see!

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Dog Rolls on Pickle: Cute Dog Maymo

10 thoughts on “Dog Rolls on Pickle: Cute Dog Maymo

  1. When the cares of the day are heavy, there's always Maymo to make you smile! Thank you, thank you. Kindest regards, human people for sharing this endearing fellow.

  2. lol ok i'm pretty sure that what's under your couch isn't what my dirty little mind thinks it is lol but just out of curiosity, what is that thing under your couch?

  3. Just like a child, every little new thing is an adventure. I have noticed dogs do this with dead animals too, like its a new perfume or something.

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