Dogs Demanding Petting Compilation 2017 [CUTE]

Cute Dogs Video Information:

Dogs demanding petting in this cute dogs and puppies doing funny things compilation. Cute dog demands petting videos. Dog wants to be petted. Dogs wanting attention.

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Dogs Demanding Petting Compilation 2017 [CUTE]

10 thoughts on “Dogs Demanding Petting Compilation 2017 [CUTE]

  1. While dogs demand like this in the video, I get a full body tackle by 150 lbs dogs.

  2. This may look cute, but it is dominance behavior by the dogs and should be corrected.

  3. That first dog is just like my cat. Oh, wait…let's go watch some cat videos.

  4. This video should have been called "How to train your Human". Mine have me well trained too.

  5. I just love how affectionate these dogs are. I wanna cuddle with them all 🤗

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