10 thoughts on “Funny and Cute Dogs

  1. @joanand13 i'm going on stike with you bro i help to fight live dogs and cats in china that are being skinned and help pass it on later savanah2o out peace

  2. LOL nice photo's..
    the first pic was epic!! love that!
    i also have a really cute dog…
    i make sure i give him all the best because he gives me so much joy!
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  3. @tseals215 Are you serious? Oh my God I fight this every day I have cried, I have screamed and I have been seriously depressed after seeing countless video's and footage. This IS going on in China, millions of dogs and cats every year (many still wth their collars on they are stolen) get on over to facebook and I'll inundate you with proof. Don't deny it, get on board and help us outlaw it! You would never be able to FATHOM the terror, agony and horror they go through. Pls open your eyes.

  4. YA YA!!
    This video is awesome!!!!
    Looking at all of these dogs I really want a dog now cause I dont have a dog yet!!!!!!!!
    SO CUTE AND FUNNY!!!! πŸ˜€

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