Funny Dog Trying to Play with a Cute Rabbit

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Hi guys! See how funny golden retriever Bailey is trying to play with a cute little rabbit named Sam. Do you like the videos of Funny Dog Bailey and cute bunny Sam? Leave your comments below this video!


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Funny Dog Trying to Play with a Cute Rabbit

10 thoughts on “Funny Dog Trying to Play with a Cute Rabbit

  1. Did you guys like the way Bailey plays with Sam the rabbit? Watch the video of how they first met

  2. Poor bailey, couldn't play with bailey, but am sure if i let my pet(tortoise) to play with bailey, he will definately play for god knows hw many hours, cuz hez very much notorius like bailey.

  3. Doggo is so cute I’ll play with ya buddy!! I haven’t seen any doggo as expressive as him

  4. 1:00 me when my bf ignores me despite of doing everything to get his attention

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