10 thoughts on “Greyhound Picnic, Cute Dogs!

  1. Greyhounds have super thin skin. They like to nip at eachother when playing so the muzzles are for safety.

  2. Cool video. Quick question though.. I get the muzzles are for their protection but what happens if they don't have the muzzles?

  3. Do greys have to be muzzled all the time in the USA. Here, in the UK they have to be muzzled if out when still racing but if retired and in a home it is not required.
    Have had three greys, all were exercised muzzel free, the only time we used the muzzel was when a trip to the vet was needed.

  4. Get those muzzles off the dogs and put them in the rubbish … how would YOU like to wear one every time you go out !

  5. Yanks and their stupid picnic shit,, Ur laws about muzzles are a joke,, Grey's don't bite anything,,

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